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Bear 64 — Very Dark, Organic - Banff Roasting Company Ltd.

Bear 64 — Very Dark, Organic

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(Full bodied and sweet with a soft palate. We keep a hint of acidity for freshness)

Bear 64 Very Dark roast is the blend of 4 beans, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil & Colombia, all in harmony, giving depth, body, flavour and a touch of brightness not often found in dark roasts. Caramel, spice, and mocha are its signature.

The Story Behind the Name

There is no other bear more celebrated or protected in the park than “Bear 64”, who is revered for being a good resident of the Park, living on the outskirts of town but never getting into trouble. She is also known for breeding a strong group of young grizzlies, passing on her important knowledge of how to live in harmony with the human population. Sadly she has passed on, but leaves several cubs as her legacy.