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Mt. Rundle Roast — Espresso, Organic - Banff Roasting Company Ltd.

Mt. Rundle Roast — Espresso, Organic

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(An extremely well-balanced blend that flies well solo or blended with “Moo Juice”)

Four different beans, varying roasts, and quantities blended to give extraordinary aroma, body, and flavour, our signature. Spice, semi-sweet chocolate with honey notes. It also makes a great drip coffee!

The Story Behind the Name

Reverend Robert Terrill Rundle, a self-described “radical”, most noteworthy activities relate to his missionary work in Western Canada between 1840 and 1848. His mission in Pigeon Lake served the Cree, Stoney, and Blackfoot peoples of pre-Alberta, instructing them not only in Christianity, but in reading and writing in syllabics, and growing crops. Rundle was also known for his extensive travels in Western Canada having never let the harsh winters deter him. Mt. Rundle Roast Espresso is our “radical”.