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The Great Divide Swiss Water Decaf — Dark, Organic

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(Smooth and full. You would never think it’s decaf.)

Full bodied and flavorful, you would not guess you are enjoying a decaffeinated coffee, so need to feel divided!

And what's with the name?

The Great Divide is the mountainous, hydrological divide of the Americas. It generally follows the spine of the Rockies from the Bering Strait to the Magellan Strait. Depending on which side of this divide rain falls, it will either end up in the Pacific or Atlantic ocean via a system of rivers. In Banff National Park you can experience the “Divide” by skiing it at a local ski area or at the “Point of Interest” stop on Highway 93 heading west from Banff.

Our Great Divide is for those divided between enjoying a great cup of coffee but don’t want the caffeine. We use the highest quality bean we can source and then skillfully roast it!