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News Flash... 100% Arabica everytime, all the time!

"Wine is for aging, not coffee." Ken Hutchinson, Starsky and Hutch

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When the first pioneers came to the Canadian Rockies, they brought with them hopes, dreams and beans. Yes, beans, green coffee beans! For hundreds of years coffee beans were not roasted till they were meant to be, when you wanted a fresh cup of coffee!

Back then Pioneers roasted beans in a cast iron pan, smashed them with anything handy like a rock or pistol handle. Then hot water was poured over the mash making the freshest brew possible. That, my friend, is how coffee is supposed to be enjoyed, fresh! Coffee is like wine, in that exposure to air oxidizes it, making it taste awfully funny after a while.

That is why at Banff Roasting Company, we roast the beans like the pioneers did. We go back to how coffee was meant to be enjoyed, freshly roasted and infused only with the fresh Rocky Mountain air!! No hustle and bustle here folks, just Darn Good Coffee!

Our Journey

We offer the freshest 100% arabica coffee products available with respect to fair trade, organics, rain forest, bird friendly, shade grown beans and of course the environment. The way coffee was meant to be enjoyed has been somewhat lost in modern times. We strive to bring it back to the way the pioneers and our forefathers enjoyed it, local and fresh. For hundreds of years, every area had it’s roaster as they also had their butcher, baker and General Store or you roasted your own! Having been lost for some 150 years due too mass production systems, community roasters are one of the fastest growing food & beverage business. So, in reality this is nothing new, we’re simply going back to our roots - good, fresh coffee. Roasting green beans and supplying local restaurants, coffee shops and food stores is our main focus as a wholesale bean supplier. Roasted beans, a tasting counter, coffee orientations and coffee related items are being offered at our on-line General Store. We have a small retail section at the Roasterie too! Green beans will be available for sale to the adventurous “home roaster” as well.

We have created an enticing venue for people to experience “Roasting in the Rockies”! Coffee came to Banff with McArdle and McCabe and the discovery of the Hot Springs. We take people back to this Era by creating a very different Banff experience, complimenting our history and our town in a positive manner.



Banff Roasting Company Coffee is NOW available at...

Chalet Grocery - 800 Tunnel Mtn Road, Banff
Nesters Market
- 122 Bear Street, Banff
Nutters Bulk and Natural Foods - 900A Railway Ave, Canmore
Rusticana Market - 801-8th St, Canmore
Save On Foods - 950 Railway Ave, Canmore
Shoppers Drug Mart - 933 Railway Ave, Canmore
Village Market - Samson Mall, Lake Louise

Restaurants / Cafes:
Banff Ave Brew Pub - 110 Banff Ave, Banff
Banff Provisions General Store -
115 Banff Ave, Banff
Bare Bistro
100 Owl Street, Banff
Bison Restaurant & Terrace - 221 Bear Street, Banff
Block Kitchen and Bar -
201 Banff Ave (enter Caribou St.), Banff
Cake Company Cafe -
220 Bear Street, Banff
Chucks Steakhouse
- 101 Banff Avenue, Banff
Coyotes Grill -
206 Caribou Street, Banff
Grizzly House -
207 Banff Ave, Banff
Javalanche Cafe - The Village, Lake Louise
Maple Leaf Grill - 137 Banff Ave (enter Caribou St.), Banff
Park Distillery - 219 Banff Ave, Banff
Tavern 1883 - 709-9th Street, Canmore
Ticino Swiss-Italian Restaurant - 415 Banff Ave, Banff
Banff Hot Springs Cafe (Sulphur Mountain) - 101 Mountain Ave, Banff
Rockies Industry Cafe - 101 Eagle Cr. (Industrial Park), Banff
Mount Norquay Ski Area - Top of Mt. Norquay Road, Banff

Gift Shops:
Castle Mountain Junction Store - Highway 1A, Banff
Mountain Chocolates -
200 Banff Ave, Banff
Pika Village Gifts
- 221 Banff Ave, Banff
Wild Rose Gifts - Banff Ave, Banff

(Keep checking for more locations!)

*For Wholesale price inquiries please call 403-760-4868


Links: Facebook Page www.sweetmarias.com www.coffeeandhealth.ca/index2.htm www.taximike.com

Send your comments to: beans@banffroastingcompany.com

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